Why we do what we do...

United Angels was founded to help with funding treatment of emergency and critical medical situations. It's those situations, that without immediate vet care, your only choices to relieve your pets suffering would be euthanasia or surrendering for care. Neither of which is an optimum choice.


Delaying immediate treatment can put a pet's life at risk and a guardian in the position of having to make a difficult choice. We, with United Angels, don't want that to happen, especially when a animal's life can be saved or prolonged with quality, if it wasn't for the financial position of the animals guardian.

United Angels knows we can't fund all the emergencies or the critical treatments needed. We know the need for our assistance far outweighs our resources at this time.

Please donate if possible and if possible donate time to help save the lives of loved companion animals by volunteering with United Angels.

PUFF, Earned her wings, 06/29/17

The vet said I was a living miracle!

I am a purebred who had 

a long list of congenital conditions that were not curable but were controllable. 

United Angels helped my Mom many times by providing grants for my lifesaving care.

It didn't matter to United Angels that in the long run, I wouldn't have a "successful" outcome, they still helped my Mom prolong my life. My chronic conditions required costly care and many times emergency treatment.  My Mom used the reuseable grant program.

KODIAK, 9 months

I was brought into a local pet store in hopes that they could help me. I was born with a twisted spine and couldn't use my hind legs

The lady at the pet store was a Angel!

She contacted just the right people who found me my Mom and Dad. I have severe spinal deformities and was born without the ball joints in my hips. United Angels has help in providing temporary wheels for me as I grow and will be providing my premanate wheels when I'm all grown up.  My mom and dad are using the Continual Campaign program. 

WIGGLES, 19 months

I was rescued by an Angel!

I am a product of a backyard breeder and was being given away for free on CL because they couldn't make any money off of me because I was blind in both eyes and had many other birth defects.

Until I was rescued, I had never been outside.

With the help of United Angels I can see out of my right eye and I have had my other deformities addressed. I am living in a loving home where I can play outside with my cat friends.

I was helped by the one time gift-grant program.

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